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Additional Terms & FAQ

Additional Terms & FAQ

 Q. Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

A. No, no limit.  Refer away.

Q. When will I receive my referral code and QR code?

A. These will be emailed to you shortly after your signup.  You will also be able to view your Referral Discount Code and QR Code on your Moonbase Cellars membership page.

Again, if someone scans your QR Code, the discount is preloaded on their browser. They won't have to enter your referral code at checkout.

Q. How will I see my gift cards?

A. You will receive an email instantly once your gift card has been issued.  You will also be sent a text instantly after the gift card has been issued.  

Q. What if I lose or delete the email?

A. No worries, resending the email is easy.  Just let us know if this happens.

Q. Can anyone else use my gift card?

A. No, the gift card is unique to you and your account. No one else can use it.

Q. Can the gift cards be used for my Wine Club allotment?

A. As of now, no.  Gift cards can only be used for additional wine or merchandise purchases.  However, we are working on this.

Q. Do my friends and family receive my shipping promo costs too?

A. No, shipping costs are programmed into your account as a Wine Club Member.  For your friends and family to get their own shipping deals, they'd have to join the Wine Club.

Q. What are the gift card amounts I could receive as part of the referral program? 

A. For a single order using your promo code, you, as the Wine Club member, will receive a $5 gift card. If someone joins the Wine Club using your referral code, you and the new Wine Club Member both receive a $20 gift card.

Still have questions, let us know below.