2022 "The LGM" G.S.M.
2022 "The LGM" G.S.M.
2022 "The LGM" G.S.M.
2022 "The LGM" G.S.M.
2022 "The LGM" G.S.M.
2022 "The LGM" G.S.M.

2022 "The LGM" G.S.M.

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43% Grenache 23% Syrah 34% Mourvedre 

92 Points - International Wine Report
93 Points - Owen Bargreen

92 Points Wine Enthusiast

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A pulsar is a neutron star whose beams of radiation appear as a flickering light from the earth’s surface. The first pulsar was discovered in 1967 via radio wave technology, and the scientists were puzzled at what this regular blinking message may be. Unsure of what to call it, they went with – LGM-1 – because maybe it was Little Green Men.

All of these wines were harvested at different times.  Syrah is an early ripener whereas Grenache and Mourvedre tend to be later ripeners.

Syrah - 9/28

Mourvedre - 10/16

Grenache - 10/19


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The Grenache and Mourvedre vineyards were picked specifically for this wine. Riviere Galet is ideally suited for ripening Rhone grapes and I love Mourvedre from Ciel du ChevalWe knew we'd have an extra barrel of Les Collines Syrah for this blend, but that specific barrel was hand picked to make sure the balance was perfect.

The Mourvedre was saignee to concentrate colors, flavors, and aromas.  There was a 48 hour cold soak to extract more anthocyanins from the skins before innoculation. All three wines were fermented and aged separately and blending happened 3 months before bottling to lets the flavors meld together.


Want to learn more about winemaking, check out our Winemaking Videos.
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92 points - International Wine Report 

93 points - Wine Enthusiast

95 points - Bellingham

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