Winemaking - Les Collines Syrah

This was an extremely fun wine to make and put together.  Like already mentioned, we had two separate harvests (1st Pick & 2nd Pick) from our rows.  From our 1st pick, we pulled away 400 lbs and sealed that fruit in a fermenter with dry ice (frozen CO2) for Carbonic Maceration.  We co-fermented our first pick with 8% Viognier and 400 lbs Whole Cluster for 20% stem.

When we pulled the trigger on our 2nd Pick, 10/7. we brought out that fermenter that had been undergoing Carbonic Maceration and parked the fermenter under our destemmer.  We used that Whole Cluster Carbonic Fruit for the stems for our 2nd Pick.  This pick was co-fermented with 2% Viognier.

The Caps were punched three times per day and the wines were pressed when the tannic structure was in line with our style.  These were aged in french oak barrels for 14 months.

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